In its legal services, the "PRETOR" Law Office provides legal services particularly to entrepreneurs and other participants in the economic and professional activities, including banks. We also have experience in providing legal services to many self government agencies.

However, we also provide legal services to individuals. To provide our customers with full and comprehensive legal advice we do not focus on business law only but also specialize in civil and criminal (penal) law.
The professional activities at our house include providing comprehensive and specialized legal advice and legal counseling related thereto. We have extensive knowledge in the field of providing services to large entrepreneurs - both Polish and foreign - that undertake economic activities in Poland as well as to individuals.
The preferred areas of practice at our Law Office are: civil and commercial law, contract law, bankruptcy and insolvency law, unemployment law, labor law, trade union law, transport law, real estate law, procurement law, bank law, corporation law, mergers, energetic law, competition law, public and administration law, handling investment and housing development procedures, criminal law and human rights.

Our workforce consists of 28 lawyers, including 5 advocates and 2 legal advisors (associates of the "PRETOR" Law Office), 9 cooperating advocates, 2 consulting lawyers (academic teachers) and junior advocates.
We would like to emphasise that we cooperate with two consulting companies in all areas where lawyer's services are not sufficient. This includes economic consulting, economic analysis, economic advising, capital investment and tax consulting. We provide legal services in Polish and English.
The extensive use of Internet and other mobile techniques of communication enables us to serve many clients from around the world. Payment methods include PayPal. The Law firm offers legal help and legal representation for individuals and for businesses (entrepreneur). We cooperate with highly regarded lawyers.

Our services include:

representing our clients at all Polish courts and Tribunals and arbitral courts,
giving spoken legal advice,
preparing written legal opinions and analysis,
taking part in negotiations.

The following fields of law are incorporated in our office activities:

Company Law and establishments of enterprises, registration at the Commercial Register, consultation on establishment of the company, choice of suitable company form, purchase of the real estate in Poland and application for the required permissions. We advise foreign investor who would like to start a business in Poland. We offer legal consulting in general matters concerning company law, including supervision over annual shareholders meetings and capital stock enhancement.

Civil and commercial law, including:

insurance law (finding a solution when the insurance company declines the responsibility, legal advice on the compensation of moral injury and vehicle accidents: injuries, permanent disability, pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, medical expenses and property damage; insurance litigation),
real estate law - Buying real estate in Poland might be difficult - for some foreigners a prior permission is required to purchase a real estate. Our law office can help you with not only all the legal aspects of real estate acquisition but also with mortgage by the Polish law and contracts with building contractors. The law office offers help in explaining the legal status of property you would like to purchase. We can also offer you legal advice on the co-ownership according to the Polish law. If you already bought a property then we can also provide with legal assistance related thereto.
Law of succession - Our Law Office offers legal advice on all the issues of the Polish law of succession, for example: when you inherit real estate or a sum of money in Poland. There might be some problems concerning the inheritance of real estate property in the interior or abroad which must be solved by using a specific procedure at the Polish court. This area of law is of significance importance - everyone is bound to be affected by the law of succession.
Tenancy Law - finding a concept for rental agreements, the protection against unjustified termination of the rental agreement, action for possession, clearance of the expenditures, reimbursement of expenses,
Family Law - legal advice before and after the marriage, including: divorce suit (also when a party is living abroad), the recognition of foreign courts decisions by the Polish courts, community of goods between both spouses, marriage of mixed nationality, claim for maintenance (alimony), denial and determination of paternity and parental authority,
Law of Obligation - We offer legal advice on the recognition of ineffectiveness of a contract, acts of transfer, selling contracts, warranty issues, donation contracts etc.,
Criminal Law - our lawyers are also criminal defense attorneys. Our Law Form can help you to resolve issues associated with your arrest or conviction. Our areas of practice include: business criminal law, misuse of power, criminal traffic law (Alcohol and drug-related auto accidents, collisions, and crashes).Our law office represents the victims of the crime in all the common courts in Poland (acting as subsidiary prosecutor).

Public (administrative) and competition law, including:

Immigration Law - representing clients in the Polish immigration procedures, legal advice in case of revocation of the residence permit,
Building law,
Environmental law,
Agricultural law, sector legal regulations (biotechnology, food products, GMO),
Public procurement law,
Press law
Human rights - (applications to the European Court of the Human Rights in Strasbourg).

Execution of claims in Poland - winning a trial does not ensure that the claim will be satisfied. Our Law Office offers you legal help on various aspects of the compulsory enforcement (execution) in Poland - even when the creditor has only a non-Polish court decision.
The main objective of our Law Office is to serve Polish and foreign clients in the various fields of law. We offer legal advice and prepare legal opinions. The compilation of contracts in the field of commercial and company law is an extensive area of our offices activities.
We also provide our clients with detailed analysis of the carried out contracts. The "PRETOR" Law Office offers help with the assertion of claims in Poland as well as with the recognition of the foreign courts` decisions in Poland. Although the decisions conducted by foreign courts (European, US, etc.) have no legal power in Poland, they can be given a legal effect after completing a specific procedure called the recognition of the foreign court decision. Only then the execution of the claim in Poland is possible and can be enforced by law.
Example: The debtor has a real estate of great value in Poland. Its creditor would like to levy an execution in Poland but has only a foreign court decision.

Our law firm focuses on the recognition of the EU Member States court decisions which is easier than the procedure related to non-EU decisions (EU Regulation 2001/44 of 22 December 2000 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters).

Legal representation in courts - thanks to European Union regulations it is very common that a foreign individual or firm is sued before a Polish court. In this case a local legal representation is very crucial. We offer a legal representation before all Polish courts in almost all legal suits.

Should you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us

All associates of our Law Office are members of the Wroclaw or Walbrzych Bar Association.